Dr. Vicki Schlegel

Dr. Vicki Schlegel
Professor Emeritus

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To determine the synergistic effect of dietary agents with an emphasis on phenols and present in dry beans, grain sorghum, and natural waste streams on their ability to prevent or remediate cellular stresses that lead to metabolic syndrome or virulent Candida albicans phenotypes .  This information is used to determine the active components mechanism on multiple metabolic or proteomic targets, which in turn will help facilitate the development of functional foods and nutraceuticals.  A secondary research goal is to develop and/or establish analytical methods for analyzing the effects of metabolites from a complex dietary system acting upon human health metabolism.

  • To discover plant base synergists able to prevent / remediate a stressed phenotype to a healthy phenotype (e.g., pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory states of macrophages or virulent to non-virulent state of pathogenic yeasts or high cholesterol to low cholesterol state).
  • To understand how synergistic natural compounds modulate carbohydrate metabolism and/or molecular/orgenelle structures to maintain a healthy state.
  • To evaluate the effects farming practices / environment and cooking processes on plant secondary metabolites in various crops to ensure that the proper combination of health promoting synergists are maintained. (Management system - effect on long term processes.)
  • Development of high-throughput metabolomic analytical methods for analyzing the effects of metabolites from a complex dietary system acting upon human health metabolism.


  • B.A. Chemistry, Union College
  • M.S. Analytical Chemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Iowa State University

Teaching and/or Extension Activities

  • Quality Assurance and HACCP: 403/803
  • Food Quality Assurance and HACCP: 403/803
  • Food Science and Technology Undergraduate Seminar: 451
  • Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods: 470/870


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