Bachelor of Science - Food Science & Technology

Food Science and Technology majors find career opportunities with food processing firms, government agencies, and educational institutions. Types of positions available to food science and technology graduates include product development, quality assurance, food plant management, food research, food marketing and sales, education and extension.The major curriculum includes a balance of courses in food science, biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and humanities.

Food science courses include food processing, food engineering, food analysis, food chemistry, food microbiology, nutrition, quality assurance, and commodity processing courses. This program is designed to allow the student to develop an area of emphasis that fits their career goals by providing technical elective hours that are chosen by the student. Students may participate in an internship program that provides summer employment in the food industry.

Sara Roberts
Sara Roberts
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
FIC 224
402 472 2843

Dr. Heather Hallen-Adams
Dr. Heather Hallen-Adams
Academic Program Coordinator
FIC 252
402 472 2825
Quick Points
College: Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Degree Offered: Bachelor of Science in Food Science & Technology
Hours Required: 120
Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.0 for graduation
Minor Available: Yes
Advisor: Heather Hallen-Adams

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