3+1 Program of Study

International Collaboration 3+1 Program of Study

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The "3+1" Program is an international collaboration between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Food Science and Technology and Northwest A&F University, China. Students enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to learn from NWAFU and University Faculty, and travel to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus to continue their studies.

NWAFU is the 2nd largest agricultural university in China and has already established a successful "2+2" Program with the University which allows qualifying students to come to Nebraska to complete their degrees.


NWAFU will follow the same program of study as University of Nebraska-Lincoln Food Science and Technology. For the first two years, NWAFU students are taught in English. In the third year, University faculty will travel to China to teach students. In the fourth year, NWAFU students will travel to Lincoln, Nebraska to complete their degrees. This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn with world leaders in Food Science and top-of-the-line facilities.

For more videos about the international student experience at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, please visit our Mediahub page.

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Please contact the Department of Food Science and Technology at foodsci@unl.edu

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Meeting with NWAFU faculty and administration.
NWAFU class with Dr. Curtis Weller
Dr. Weller reviews program of study with students at NWAFU.