Dr. Andreia Bianchini

Associate Professor
248 Food Innovation Center
Lincoln, NE 68588-6205 U.S.A.

I really enjoy teaching face-to-face and distance courses. UNL has allowed me to interact in these two ways with undergraduate and graduate students, as well as industry professionals...

Faculty Profile


Areas of interest include applied research on the evaluation of ingredients, assessment of processes, and development of strategies to reduce/prevent contamination of final products with mycotoxins and bacterial pathogens; the development of quality control mechanisms; and HACCP assistance focusing on food, dairy and feed products. Extension activities include technical advice and training, as well as preparation of guidelines, protocols, standard operating procedures and related technical documents for improvement of safety and quality of food and pet food processes.


  • B.S. Food Engineering, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Brazil
  • M.S. Environmental and Agricultural Microbiology, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  • Ph.D. Food Science & Technology, University of Nebraska - Lincoln


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Research Areas