Food Science Scholarship Challenge

Department of Food Science and TechnologyFood science Scholarship Challenge

Scientists looking at a petri dish.

Earn a $5,000 Scholarship!

Join Us for a Day of Food Science!

Spend a day in the Food Science and Technology Department conducting one-of-a-kind experiments in the Food Innovation Center’s teaching laboratories and pilot plants. The activities will be led by Food Science and Technology faculty and experts from The Food Processing Center. You will practice your new skills and build upon your understanding of a career as a food science professional as you engage in real-world challenges.

For your participation in this one-day event, you can earn a $5,000 scholarship!*

Friday, December, 2, 2022
9:30am – 3:00pm
Food Innovation Center, 1901 N. 21st St., Lincoln, NE 68588    

Registration Deadline for in-person event is November 17, 2022.
Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements and travel expenses. Lunch will be provided during the event.
Contact Sara Roberts at or 402-472-2843 for additional information.
High Pressure Food Processing
*One-time scholarship will be awarded for the 2023-2024 academic year for students that attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a declared major in Food Science and Technology. Students are welcomed and encouraged to attend the event before they have fully decided on their college and/or major choice.