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Spring 2019 Graduates

Graduation cap
The Department would like to congratulate all of the students who graduated in May 2019!


Kelsey Bignell
Xin Cao
Xinyu Chang
Qianyi Chen
Qiyue Chen
Yiyi Cheng
Shaoxuan Ding
Elizabeth Drey
Leo Ernst
Zupei Guo
Fan He
Yining He
Xiaoyun Huang
Kun Huang
Xiaochen Jia
Tang Li
Xiangyu Liu
Pujie Liu
Sujun Liu
Yutong Liu
Xuyang Ma
Xingfa Ma
Zhuowen Ma
Yutong Mao
Chen Meng
Chenshuo Meng
Xiangqi Meng
Rebecca Moore
Shane Nguyen
Shuhan Pu
Zijin Qin
Bingxu Ren
Qingqi Ren
Emmalea Rice
Jing Shang
Jing Shao
Nevada Smith
Bohan Sun
Haoyu Tian
Shuyu Wang
Yijie Wang
Zihan Wang
Ruihan Wang
Kaylee Weakly
Zijie Wei
Xin Wen
Luke Will
Xinran Wu
Yanan Xu
Qianying Xu
Yifei Yang
Siyu Yao
Wenxin Yi
Yifan Yin
Mengdi Yin
Yafan Yu
Chengliang Zhang
Zuoyi Zhang
Jie Zhang
Qingrui Zhu

Amy Garrison (MS)
Liyang Xie (MS) 

Dr. Yanbin Yin joins FDST

Dr. Yanbin Yin
The Department would like to welcome new faculty member, Dr. Yanbin Yin. Dr. Yin joins as an associate professor. His research looks to develop new computational tools for genomics research and characterize important genetic elements in genomes and metagenomes to enhance their biotechnological and biomedical applications and understand genome biology/evolution. Dr. Yin's office is located in FIC 253, and he can be contacted at 402-472-4303 and

Fall 2018 Graduates

Graduation cap
The Department would like to congratulate all of the students who will be graduating this December.

Jenna Krager, B.S., FDST
Madeline Kramp, B.S., FDST
Thanh Le, B.S., FDST
Sue Mae Lee, B.S., FDST
Erica Lewis, B.S., FDST
Alexis Rienks, B.S., FDST
Yijun Zhang, B.S., FDST

CarlyRain Adams (Weller) M.S.
Steve Kaiser (Ciftci) M.S.
Car Reen Kok (Hutkins) M.S.
Hollman Motta Romero (Zhang) M.S.
Fatima Alessa (Schlegel) Ph.D.
Rachana Poudel (Rose) Ph.D.
Luis Sabillon Galeas (Bianchini/Stratton) Ph.D.
Ali Uberyitogullari (Ciftci) Ph.D.

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Recent Publications

Jayasena, S., S. J. Koppelman, B. Nayak, S. L. Taylor, and J. Baumert. 2019. Comparison of recovery and immunochemical detection of peanut proteins from differentially roasted peanut flour using ELISA. Food Chem. 292:32-38.

Sheehan, W. J., S. L. Taylor, W. Phitatanakul, and H. A. Brough. 2018. Environmental food exposure: what is the risk of clinical reactivity from cross-contact and what is the risk of sensitization. J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. In Practice 6:1825-1832.

Yangjunna Zhang, Annette M. O’Connor, Chong Wang, James S. Dickson, H. Scott Hurd, Bing Wang. Interventions targeting deep tissue lymph nodes may not effectively reduce the risk of salmonellosis from ground pork consumption: A quantitative microbial risk assessment. Risk Analysis. 2019.

Recent Funding

Devin Rose, Stephen Baenziger, Kaustav Majumder, Melanie Downs, “Characterizing Protein Digestibility and Celiac Antigenicity of Historical and Modern Wheats.” The Andersons Research Grant Program. $150,000

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