Dr. Devin Rose

Dr. Devin Rose
268 Food Innovation Center
Lincoln, NE 68588-6205

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Faculty Profile


Research in my lab is centered around two overarching objectives:

  1. To determine factors that influence the quality, safety, or nutrition of edible seeds or constituents of these seeds during production, harvest, storage, or processing; and
  2. To determine factors that promote healthier food choices by consumers


  • B.S. Food Science, Brigham Young University
  • M.S. Food Science, Brigham Young University
  • Ph.D., Food Science, Purdue University
  • Post Doc., Food Technology, USDA-ARS

Teaching and/or Extension Activities

  • Food Carbohydrates
  • Food Chemistry
  • Food Product Development
  • Sensory Evaluation


  • Wang L, Rose DJ, Li K, Chen X, He L. 2023. Conformational changes to zein and its binding interactions with sodium caseinate during the pH-driven self-assembly using multi-spectroscopic and hydrostatic methods. Food Hydrocolloids 136: 108225.
  • Gustafson CR, Rose DJ. 2023. Consideration of nutrients of public health concern highlighted in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025 during food choice among a large sample of US-based primary shoppers. Appetite 181:106399.
  • Mutuyemungu E, Singh M, Liu S, Rose D†. 2023. Intestinal gas production by the gut microbiota: A review. Journal of Functional Foods 100:105367.
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  • Motta-Romero HA, Perez-Donado CE, Auchtung JM, Rose DJ. 2023. Toxicity of cadmium on dynamic human gut microbiome cultures and the protective effect of cadmium-tolerant bacteria autochthonous to the gut. Chemosphere 338:139581.
  • Musa S, Stratton J, Rose DJ, Bianchini A. 2024. The effect of lactic acid in association with steam in reducing microorganisms in hard red winter wheat. Cereal Chemistry 101:179-190.
  • Mutuyemungu E, Motta-Romero HM, Yang Q, Liu S, Liu S, Singh M, Rose DJ. 2024. Megasphaera elsdenii, a commensal member of the gut microbiota, is associated with elevated gas production during in vitro fermentation. Gut Microbiome 5:e1.
  • Ding W, Liu S, Yang Q, Bai Y, Perez-Donado CE, Rose DJ. 2024. Influence of overcooking on in vitro digestion and fermentation of ground beef and whole wheat bread. Food Research International 178:113953.
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