Alumni Spotlight - Ashley Bernstein

Ashley Bernstein

Degrees from UNL:
B.S. and M.S. in Food Science and Technology at UNL

Job Title:
Senior Sensory Scientist
Wells Enterprises

Q. What food science industry are you currently working in, what is your job title, and what are some of your daily responsibilities in this role?
A. I work in the ice cream and frozen desserts industry as a Senior Sensory Scientist. I like to describe my role as being the voice of the consumer- channeling their voices by tasting, interpreting, and analyzing samples and data to help produce the best ice cream possible. Most of my time is split between my desk and the lab. In the lab, I’m scooping ice cream, tasting samples and ingredients, and assisting our developers. While I’m at my desk, I’m working on questionnaires, presenting data, and monitoring trends. 

Q. How did your undergraduate experience at UNL prepare you for your current role?
A. I was fortunate to have many beneficial experiences during my time at UNL as the faculty and staff are driven to help students succeed inside and outside the classroom. Beyond typical education, classes provided us opportunities to connect and collaborate with industry professionals. As an undergraduate, I was also given the chance to work for the FPC’s Product Development Lab getting hands on experience on a wide array of food products. It was here I discovered my passion for Sensory Science and decided I wanted to return for my graduate degree. All these opportunities, and many more, helped guide me on my career and educational journey to bring me to success today.

Q. What do you love about food science and/or your job?
A. Food Science is this uniquely amazing, wide-encompassing field that has the ability to impact every single person on a daily basis. No matter what area you choose, our roles ensure the safety and satisfaction of one of our most basic needs, food.  Even if you use Food Science as a stepping point into a different career path, the foundation and support from our field is unparalleled..